About the GCAS Review

The GCAS Review is a new journal of interdisciplinary studies and critical cultural engagement. We focus on integrating scholarship in the humanities, social and political sciences, religious studies, critical theory, and philosophy to provide insight on the most vexing questions of the world today. We synthesize specialized knowledge both in and outside academia with public intellectuals, sustainability theorists, artists, coders, hackers, and designers.

The GCAS Review is a publication of the GCAS academic community. We publish articles by double-blind submission in the Peer-Reviewed Section for original academic work, the Magazine section for general audiences, and the Book Review section for original commentary on the latest publications. We also allow submissions to be made with pseudonyms allowing all to participate without worry of reprisal for sharing their ideas.

Our Staff

Executive Editor: Thomas Hampton

Executive Editor: Erica Kitzman

Magazine Editor: Anna White

Editor: Susannah Livingston

Editor: Miguel Solano

Editor: Andrew Keltner

We are still recruiting Peer-Review Editors. Inquire here.

Advisory Board

Erik Bordeleau

Robert von Dassanowsky

Bracha Ettinger

Warren S. Goldstein

Francisco Gonzalez

Lewis Gordon

Henry Giroux

Dejan Lukic

Luanne McKinnon

Jean-Luc Nancy

Anastasia Nicéphore

Adrian Parr

Julie Reshe

Giovanni Tusa

Tere Vadén

Fernando Zalamea

About GCAS

The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) was founded in 2013 by over 100 leading philosophers and intellectuals committed to a new educational horizon. We offer a space fully designed to offer students and faculty a vibrant and courageous alternative to traditional and prohibitively expensive advanced degrees with the aim of equipping students and researchers with the skills to transition into a clean-energy, planet sustainable and a more democratic future in which harmony is restored with our environment. Our College is not accredited but we currently self-award a PhD degree in Social and Political Thought. GCAS will be launching our BA and MA programs in September 2019 in the discipline of Interdisciplinary Studies and other programs. We are pursuing accreditation in the European Union. For more experimental class formats, we also have an E-school.

We are the first degree granting research institute and college in modern history founded, organized and led by world-leading intellectuals, academics, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs on blockchain and co-owned by graduates.